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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Let The Journey Begin !

Today Wednesday the  8th of June 2011  was the day i officially set off on my adventure to Australia .I had been waiting for this day for 2 months and today was the day.I left the house around 5.30am and got a lift  up to Heathrow from my friend, it was a cold morning and nerves were kicking in . I arrived at the airport 2 hours later unpacked my rucksack from the back of the car and thought this is it . I briefly said goodbye to my mum and went through security.I remember walking for around 20 minutes just to get to my gate shows the sheer size of Heathrow.I got to my gate and saw the plane it was a 747, i had never been on such a big plane so was looking forward to it. At this point i was excited about the trip ahead .I had 1 hour to wait intill i could board the aircraft so i just anxiously sat around watching passers by . 09.00am came and we started to board the aircraft it was an old plane, although i have been on worst. I had one Chinese guy sitting a seat away from me, the seat configuration was 3,4,3 i was looking forward to this flight as i had never flown on a five star airline before, and thought it would be interesting to see what the service was actually like . Turns out the service on this flight was'nt very good think it was down to certain staff members remember getting asked "do you want this or that ?" not great . 13 hours later we touched down in Hong Kong the airport was fantasic soo soo clean . As we flew over Hong Kong we flew over lots of small tropical islands they looked amazing the best scenery i had ever seen up intill that point so i just wanted to go and explore them. I finally found my way to my connecting flight which was upstairs and sat down looking out of the airport windows to towards the mountains, it looked pretty cool right next to the airport . After 2 hours or so i  boarded flight CX139 to Sydney,this time it was an airbus a330 so there was only 2 seats each side and i was sitting next to this fairly large lady . As we were coming into land i started getting really nervous wondering what my accommodation was going to be like,would there be spiders, would someone be there to pick me up at the airport .
No it turns out nobody was there to pick me up, so had to get a bus to my hostel which was closed for the night ha ..great .......stay tuned for part 2 :)

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