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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flight to Cairns/Cairns....

It was time to get out of Sydney i was there far too long 10 weeks, thats more than enough time 2 weeks is really, but anyways yh i booked my flight to Cairns for $200 on jetstar and i jetted off the next morning.I had never been on a domestic flight before and especially not for 3hours 30, Australia is huge ! I remember it was a small plane and a hot day so got very uncomfortable inside the plane.Coming into land we had a great view you could see small waterfalls,huge mountains the lot.As soon as we departed the plane i was on full alert for spiders haha especially being right up the top of Australia in the tropical climate.Everyone was gathered round the baggage reclaim and my bag just didn't come, everyone had left and i was thinking i hope it is not still in Sydney.That would have been funny..not anyways finally it came through and i made my way outside to the bus station where there were a number of buses waiting.I went round asking all the drivers which bus i had to get on one by one, they all said the same thing "dunno m8" in a strong aussi accent this was not the first time i had been in this situation..remember sydney airport haha.Luckily there was guy getting on the same bus so we jumped aboard when it eventually came and headed into town, had a really eerie feeling about it quite..spose it would be after coming from a big city.I arrived at my hostel and was greeted by sombody i had met in Sydney a few weeks previous how weird...It was a nice hostel with a swimming pool, which by the way is very common in most hostels on the east coast and you pay less ! Every night we ate in the Woolshed which serves free meals for certain hostels which is always a plus :) there is always something happening in there too!!! .Cairns it's self is quite small but has  big night life,lots of clubs and bars.It is a popular spot for backpackers being at the top, a lot of people travel down the coast how ever you can do the opposite and travel up being the last destination on your list.I did most of trips from Cairns like the Great Barrier Reef,White water rafting and so on so had a busy week during my stay .One of the things to do in Cairns is chill out at the Lagoon,everybody was telling me you must visit the Lagoon so i got up to Cairns thinking it would be a nice big open Lagoon like a big lake basically.No the Lagoon is just an ice cold swimming pool which was a real let down,you can't even go in the sea as crocodiles inhabit the area but all in all Cairns is a nice area :) .

                                                         Next Stop Mission Beach (Skydive).... :)

The hostel Woodduck: miles better than the Sydney one.
The Lagoooooon ...

Sign just to clarify that Crocodiles may cause injury if you
didn't already know :)

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