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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Great Barrier Reef :) ....

The one and only....... GREAT Barrer Reef.
Day 4 of staying in Cairns i went to the Reef :) I got up bright and early with somebody else's phone as i sat on my phone by accent and broke the screen..tut, me and phones ! . I made sure i went down to the mariner the night before so i knew exactly where i was going.I didn't want to miss the boat in one of my frantic rushes i have in the mornings so.. well organised i would say ;) haha. I walked along the quite roads of Cairns around 5.30am,got to the mariner to find nobody standing there thought i might of missed the boat.I was very worried as this was a trip not to be missed.Eventually the pontoon started to become busier and the boats were loaded with there supplies. We soon set sail and were off, tea and biscuits were soon offered, and a demonstration video was played as we headed towards the reef.I always had a thought of sharks in the back of my mind, but was very eager to get in the water as the dvd sold it to me.We stopped at a few lush islands along the way to pick up and drop of passengers which was cool,then we were off again.The sea was really rough both ways and i am not one for the sea so didn't feel to good am sure some of you know the feeling...not nice. 3 hours later we arrived on this magnificent reef blue as you like and got kitted up with snorkels.Yet again i was thinking about those bloody sharks  and was shaking as was freezing getting into a wet wetsuit.Everybody got in and we were swimming around so  i gradually crept into the water and was clinging to this rubber ring as not a great swimmer haha.The first time i dunked my head under i was blown away with how clear the water was, and all the brightly coloured coral was just breath taking.After half an hour of swimming around the coral  and trying to empty my goggles of water, we jumped back on-board for some lunch !. After lunch we had a briefing about scuba diving and then got ready to go, i was looking forward to this bit :) I got everything on and sat on the edge of the boat with my legs dangling over the side,then had this thought of a shark like "JAWS" coming up from under the boat and biting my leg off haha...nutter.We were all in eventually and hung on to the bottom of the boat, where the instructor went through the breathing apparatus.I was thinking about things waaay to much at this point, like what if i got water in my mouth when i  was submerged at the bottom frightened me a little especially not being a strong swimmer.After my moments of thinking through things, we sank to the bottom of the reef and started exploring!.The reef looked much better from this perspective and even got to see a giant clam, which i stayed well away from haha.. I've seen the comics.Time flew by and we had to return back to the boat and head home,i was soo soo tired,but was a brilliant day and what an experience well worth a look .
One of the Lush green Islands.
Little fact about the Reef if you didn't already know:The Reef grow's once a year and the whole reef, all 1600miles of it grows  at once.

Is that a Shark behind.... haha

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