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Monday, 19 March 2012

Sight Seeing/The Woodduck....

Over the course of the next week or so i did plenty of sight seeing like visiting the Sydney Opera house and taking a day trip to the Blue mountains, which is a must do by the way! The weather conditions could have been slightly better, it was tipping down most days which kind of reminded me of home.Sydney is a bit like visiting London, at first bit dull and Gray but gets better the longer you stay.As the day's flew by, i started to get to know people as you tend to pass them going up or down the hundreds of stairs several times a day.The hostel its self ...well it wasn't great but the location was fabulous and rooftop had a brilliant view.One of the things i noticed during my stay, was that there was a huge amount of German backpackers which was not great,as i wanted to meet a wide range of backpackers from all over the world.The hardest thing i would have to do in this period  would be finding a job, the thing is, i only came to Australia with $280.My accommodation was $150 a week for a 12 bed dorm, soooo that took a big chunk out which then left me with $130 and money was running out fast, cheap meal's it is then huge variety on the menu was pasta or...... noodles :).I was wondering what i was going to do, thought i would have to return home.Luckily i bought a return plane ticket before i went to oz just in case, so at least i had something to fall back on .I tried really really hard to get a job as i knew i would regret going home.After endless amounts of phone calls and yes i did have credit ;) i finally found some work only for 2 days, but 2 days would do, anything for a bit of cash to get me another week at the hostel.After that i managed to find a job and stick with that for a while which enabled me to save up for my trip up the East Coast ! I ended up staying in this hostel for 10 weeks as i met a good crowd of  people staying long term.Over this period we all had endless amounts of laughter and  had  great times together drinking lots of Goon :) .For those of you that don't know what Goon  is,it is boxed wine containing fish eggs and tastes like... well i'll  let you find out. hmmm..

                                                  Next Stop East Coast stay tuned.. :)    

My Luxury Meal...                                                                                    Not the Best Weather...

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