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Monday, 19 March 2012

No Pick Up At Airport........

soooo....carrying on from no one to pick me up at the airport.I frantically walked up and down the airport terminal looking for somebody with a clip board with my name on but no one to be seen . Silly me i had no credit on my phone nor had i written the hostels number down.I asked all of the help desk's and just about every shuttle service to see if anybody knew where my hostel was or if there was even a bus.After walking up and down the airport numerous amount of times i finally found a foreign guy who seemed to know where it was.At that point i had a big sigh of relief and within minutes we were all crammed onto this small bus.The bus was packed with middle aged people and i kept thinking this isn't right, so i tired speaking to as many people as i could so try and find out where they would be staying..turn's out luxury hotels.As time went on i ended up being the last person on the bus, the bus driver barely spoke a word of English and had his music blaring which didn't help.I thought can this trip get any worst .We drove past this park which i had recognised from the internet i knew it was near there so i ask him"is it round here?"he replied "no it has moved" so i sat back and let him drive.Eventually we arrived at what looked like to be a derelict building in the dark.He said "that's it but it's closed"i replied sharpish "what do you mean, so what do i do ?" he aggressively replied  "i can't help you i don't know maybe try the sister hostel around the corner" and sped off haha .Great i thought just great bloody t#%t ! . i walked round the corner and saw it. Then guess what ............a guy is waiting there with a sign in his hand with my name on well well.... i did'nt know what to say apart from "where were you ? he said "i was waiting at the airport for you man" i could tell he was lying he nose grow about 10inches and we both knew that was'nt the case.Anyway i was there and happy to be there .He then walked me across the road and unlocked the door .Personall i don't think it is very good nobody being there and the door being locked,spose you would have credit on your phone....cough cough.First person i met Rico who is now a friend of mine was at reception that night checked me in and gave me a key and a dirty mug not great impressions so far . I started to trek up the stairs slowly one by one felt like there was hundreds didn't help with half my wardrobe on my back .Finally i made it to the top and into my room, i just flung myself onto the last spare bed along with my bags still strapped to me haha.I sat up and was  just mesmerised by the view and what a view it was skyscrapers galore!.At this point i was the only one in the room as it was a Thursday night and every one was out clubbing the night away or so i presumed.I had this feeling like an empty feeling probably because i hadn't eaten in a while, but yh still remember like it was yesterday like what am i doing here,now what but i was glad to finally be there ..... stay tuned for part 3 :) 

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